How to Dress for a Beach Party When You are Feeling Fat 🍒| VSOP Style Guide [updated December 01, 2021]

Chloe Sevigny poses in Dior dress and bra with Aron & Hirsch earrings and La Bouche Rogue rings
image …Town&Country

How to Dress for a Beach Party When You are Feeling Fat | VSOP Style Guide

Feeling fat means different things to different people.

No matter the level of unwanted weight, it all boils down to the same thing, we don’t feel that comfortable with the idea of being almost naked in front of strangers and other highly critical people.

A solution for this angst is to brandish a white embroidered see-through dress on top of a black bikini like Chloe Sevigny did.

Chloe posed up in a white Christian Dior dress and bra for the August 2018 edition of Town & Country magazine.

When you brandish the white embroidered see-through dress over your two piece swimsuit you look like you are ready for a beach party.

The see-through effect of the dress gives you that scantily clad look that makes beach parties one of the best sex spots of all time.

The white colour of the dress makes you look fresh and full of life.

The dress allows you to feel more confident in public, as the entire beach will not to be able to see every ripple and bump on the back of your thighs.

An easy way to look sexy at a beach party without wearing a swimsuit is to brandish a crochet outfit.

Brandish a crochet outfit to the beach party and add bright red sunglasses and a straw hat to complete the look.

Lauryn Hill’s performance at the Armstrong Festival is giving us summery vibrations, and as always Ms. Lauryn is everything.

At a beach party brandish a straw hat and colourful robe over jeans shorts and a white t shirt.

Check out the Lauryn Hill singing Love Is Stronger Than Pride live at the Armstrong Festival.

🍒 Brandish the sweet girl cover up over your swimsuit during summer vacation.

The cover up will allow you to feel more confident and look tighter.

Brandishing the cover up will reduce the appearance of being chubby and slightly overweight. It will also hold your tummy in, making it appear flatter than it actually is.

Porsha’s book, The Pursuit of Porsha, is said tot be a good book to read when you are on the beach getting a sun tan and de-stressing from all of life’s woes.

As you may already know, Porsha Williams is a former cast-mate of the Real Housewives of Atlanta.

Porsha was introduced to the show as the wife of Kordel.

In the book, Porsha goes into details about her situation with R.Kelly. Click the pic (above) to peep more info about Porsha’s life.


Platform heels are the best hot-weather shoes to brandish when you are feeling fat and need to look sexy.

Platform heels are going to make your legs appear longer, which will make you look skinnier.

Anytime that you are brandishing beachwear like one-piece swimsuits or bikinis you need to be brandishing platform sandals.

Therefore, every girl and woman needs to have a few pairs of platform heels in her closet.

Platform heels are the perfect shoe to go with long summer dresses.

To cover up a beer belly check out these sexy men’s shirts that are suitable for summer vacation and Caribbean getaways.

Regular black sunglasses look regular at a pool party.

Here’s a style secret, brandish a pair of red sunglasses when you are feeling fat.

The hype of the red sunglasses will take away the attention from your body and keep spectator’s on your sexy red style.

8 thoughts on “How to Dress for a Beach Party When You are Feeling Fat 🍒| VSOP Style Guide [updated December 01, 2021]

  1. I get anxiety everytime I get invited to a beach party. I have cellulite and I dont want to be the laughing stock of social media the day after the party. Thanks for giving me ideas so that I can feel comfortable at a beach party.


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