How to Wear White Shoes 🍒| VSOP Style Guide [updated February 01, 2022]


Inside Vogue Russia’s April 2020 edition, UK native Kuka Williams showcases the power of the white shoe.

Kuka brandished a yellow turtleneck top with a pair of brown capri pants.

If the British beauty was styled in a pair of black or brown shoes the entire outfit would look like she was dressed for winter or autumn weather.

All it takes to transform an autumn outfit into a spring vibe is a pair of white shoes.

When you brandish white shoes you HAVE TO brandish white earrings too.

Hollywood actress Tessa Thompson serves white ankle-strap pumps with black pantyhose, and a baggy oversized red sweater dress.

This outfit can be brandished during the Christmas Countdown Season.

Don’t be shy, add white shoes into your red-only holiday outfits.

Click the pic to peep some REALLY SEXY white sandals and shoes that are going to improve your lifestyle.

$720.00 – White Santoni sneakers

Pop star Rihanna stepped out in Santa Monica, California to hit up Giorgio Baldi on November 24, 2020 brandishing a pair of white point toe lace-up pumps.

The Drunk On Love singer paired her sexy white shoes with blue jeans and a red top and jacket.

How to Wear White Shoes 🍒| VSOP Style Guide

Pictures of Rihanna with short hair leaving the club in New York with her younger brother.

Rihanna brandished white point toe shoes with a black knee-length cardigan and red pants on the 4th of July 2021 while visiting an NYC party in China Town with her younger brother.

White shoes is a summer must have shoe because it transforms fall fashion into a summer-night vibe.

When you brandish white shoes you HAVE TO brandish white earrings too.

white sandals for bikini swim


VSOP Style Guide
VSOP Style Guide

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13 thoughts on “How to Wear White Shoes 🍒| VSOP Style Guide [updated February 01, 2022]

  1. I am usually a fan of the hoop style so I go for the blingy type of earrings. When I saw these earrings I knew that it would be perfect for me and I love them. It is not heavy at all and the quality looks like its expensive. i get so many compliments when I wear these earrings. Its almost like a sure thing, if i feel depressed and I want some attention to get me out of the funk then I would wear these earrings anywhere I went. I mean it could be to Walmart, the mall, to the grocery store, like anywhere. Im serious, whenever I wear them someone starts giving me attention about my earrings or that I look fun and bubbly, its weird.


  2. The white leaf earrings are so nice. I am thinking about wearing them for a romantic date. Since I have to wear the mask due to the corona virus I am covering up my sexy azz face. The earrings will make look exotic.


  3. Love the white earrings I think Im going to get them to wear at my sister’s wedding in Barbados. Love your site by the way.


  4. My mom just gave me my package and it is the white leaf earrings they are so cute. They came right in time since the pandemic is over now.


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